What Would The WWE Do With The Briscoes?

Briscoe Brothers

The rumor on the internet is that the Briscoes are leaving Ring of Honor Wrestling and have signed with the WWE. Not sure if we are all being worked or if maybe Dem Boyz has crossed over to the empire. As of press time both Mark and Jay Briscoe are listed as a part of the ROH roster. For the purposes of this discussion let’s just assume one of the staples of ROH has made that move. What will the WWE do with them?


Will they have to change their name like previous stars from outside? I actually think that only CM Punk was able to maintain his identity. Even “The Best in the World” couldn’t escape the fate of other ROH stars of having to go developmental. Vince and Triple H seem not to believe that work done in these other organizations actually count as the big time. Who do they feud with in NXT that would be a compelling fit?


In my opinion a lot of the appeal of The Briscoes is their image and style. They would have fit well during the Attitude Era but the PG product may not be ready for this kind of shock to the system. Being that the WWE is a publically traded company, so they would have to scrap the Confederate Flags immediately. I am not actually sure if the main roster would be open to their stiff brawling style that the Briscoes are used to either. Let’s not forget either that the company has not really been good with sticking with pushing the tag team division.


In my fantasy world they would debut as they currently exist. I mean absolutely no corporate polishing. Bring the rebel flags and let’s attack somebody from the front row and get this ball rolling. I know they can have some excellent matches with different members of the roster. They would debut as heels and possible as part of the Wyatt family that is coming up or even as part of the Zeb Coulter stable. The controversy that they would create by trying to “get America” would be great business. The only thing is how great for a publically traded company that will have some nervous advertisers.


Since this real life and the WWE has to sell dolls to Mattel that will not happen. If Mark and Jay do come over I hope that they get to keep some parts of themselves. There a part of me that has to be honest and knows that paychecks in the WWE can do a lot for man’s family and setting him for the rest of his life. I like a lot of other fans, will have to just remember what the Bricoes were if they do sign with the WWE.

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