Bounty Hunters – Movie Review

Trish STatus movie

Director: Patrick McBrearty
Writer: Reese Eveneshen
Stars: Trish Stratus, Frank J. Zupancic, Boomer Phillips, Joe Rafla, Christian Bako and Craig Cyr

Today’s movie choice is called Bounty Hunters, it also is known by its original title Bail Enforcers. This one is definitely a B-movie that would come on late night cable. It stars WWE Hall of Fame diva Trish Stratus in a non-WWE studio production. Which by the language you can tell early in the movie wouldn’t fit into the WWE PG product image. Trish plays Jules bounty hunter who also bartends at a strip club on the side. She is a single mother trying to get ahead. She is a member of team of three bounty hunters. The bounty hunter crew is led by Ridley played by Frank Zupancic whom Jules also has some romantic tension with. The crew is rounded out by Chase who is played by Boomer Phillips.

The story revolves around the crew getting a hot tip on a bounty from a person they captured. He informs them about a bigger bounty worth one thousand dollars. The team decides to take on the task on going after the big money and it becomes way more then what they bargained for. This movie has some solid action and Trish gets to kick some ass. The story is not the best written but the movie still is able to keep your attention for the 80 minutes.

This movie gets a TV Title
TV title

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