Vendetta – Movie Review


Directors: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska
Writer: Justin Shady
Starring: Dean Cain, Paul “Big Show” Wight, Michael Eklund, Ben Hollingsworth and Kyra Zagorsky
Studio: WWE Studios / Lionsgate
Run Time: 90 Minutes

Today we sit down with the newest WWE Studios release Vendetta starring Dean Cain of Lois and Clark fame along with the WWE’s own Big Show. This is the second movie from the company’s film division starring the modern day giant. This time around there is no lovable goof to root for because old Paul has turned heel in this flick.

The movie is directed by sister duo Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska who generally specialize in the horror genre as they directed WWE Studios “See No Evil 2” have no problem going dark early in this one. Dean Cain’s character Detective Mason Danvers who’s just trying to rid the streets of the bad guys. In comes Victor Abbott played by the Big Show, who is auditioning for worst person who has ever lived. Abbott is into any and everything criminal and gets busted by Mason to start the movie this in turns causes big Victor to seek revenge. So he kills the detective’s wife which sends things spiraling out control.
Vendetta 2
With his wife dead Danvers decides to get himself sent to prison to get his own revenge on Victor. Now of course a former hot shot detective behind bars will make a lot of friends. Like most prison movies there a healthy dose of violence dissed out and taken as the transition from cop to inmate may be a little harder than old Mason anticipated. That being said prison may not have been that ready for Mason Danvers.

The movie only runs 90 minutes and gets right down to business with the action. Now as in wrestling you will have to suspend your disbelief for a few parts of the film and not over analyze. If you got some time to kill on a weekend this would not be a horrible choice.

This Movie gets a TV Title Rating
TV title
6.5 out of 10

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