Curious Case of Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt

Recently Bray Wyatt has been dropping some very cryptic promos. The WWE obviously has a plan for him but what is it? Wyatt is in a very precarious position right now coming off his second straight Wrestlemania loss. This feud has to matter for and he really needs to come out on the right side of the equation.

The WWE is really working hard to push Bray as the new face of fear. The only problem with this is that he just lost to the original face of fear in The Undertaker. Maybe a win a Wrestlemania could have christened him as the new king of the dark world but I guess the company didn’t want Taker having back to back losses at the big event. Well now Bray has that back to back loser sticker on him.

The handling of him going forward can be the difference in the impact that his career can have. Remember when Ryback was on fire but then got fed to CM Punk prematurely, it feels like we are getting to the point where Wyatt is losing direction. Maybe breaking up the family was a little premature as none of its members seem to be flourishing in their singles endeavors. The answer maybe a reunion so those men can cause some havoc together.

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