Chicken Heel Champ

Rollins Champ

Things that were discussed in this edition of Ring Time Pro Wrestling

RAW Recap
-Randy Orton wants a shot at the World Title
-Kane allows Divas Battle Royal
-Please never let me have to watch Roman vs Big Show again
-The New Day needs to stop dressing like Earth, Wind and Fire.

Wrestling Birthday’s
Wrestling News
-New Japan stream went down April 5th for Invasion Attack 2015. New Japan issues apology
-Hogan and Scott Steiner got Beef.. Papa Pump trying to kill people
-Roman Reigns family not happy with Wrestlemania presentation
-Free Month of the WWE Network

Week in Review
-Jericho Podcast with Cena \ felt a little flat didn’t get much from it
-Invasion Attack 2015 short recap / NJPW – Good matches… Got to see Cody Hall work on a bigger stage.
-Drew Galloway is in TNA

The Sheik \ Doc on Netflix
– His coming to America
-Transformation to the Sheik
-The Rock, Brother Love, Jim Ross and Jake Roberts all featured

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