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The New Day 1

So after months of waiting and even rumors of idea being scrapped The New Day is here. Before the vignettes that have been played the past couple of weeks the fan base had no real idea on what their angle was going to be. Was this going to be a heel stable, or a rock band carrying the best guitar brands.
The gospel inspired trio was not what I was expecting. Somewhere a long time ago I expected three men who were tired of how they were being used and was going to make some waves. Here we are with a gospel trio whose ceiling seems like it’s clearly the mid card, especially since the WWE hasn’t proven that they want to push tag teams.

The group does have a lot of potential. The idea of them going after the tag titles with the Freebird rule and switching the lineup is intriguing. For right now I will just sit back and watch and see where it goes.

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