Impact Wrestling Finds A Destination

TNA Finds a Destination

The wrestling community can now breathe a sigh of relief as it was announced yesterday that TNA has a new television deal. Since it was discovered that their relationship with Spike TV was ending, there has been a lot of speculation about the future of the company. Well now we know that we will get our fix of Impact Wrestling on the Destination America channel owned by the Discovery Network. The initial rumors were that Discovery was looking to slot the wrestling show on their Velocity channel but instead they opted for a different approach.

Now some people may to see where pro wrestling fits in with the Destination America brand image. It seemed like the Spike TV marriage was a perfect set up. A network that specially was marketed towards males in the 18-35 demographic that also had shown program about bars, tattoos and carried MMA would be perfect for pro wrestling. Now we are mixing in with network that specializes in shows about swamp people, bbq experts and ghost hunters would be a place to park the old squared circle. It would be like trying to have a DJ show about the new usb turntable on the fashion network.

That doesn’t mean that this new relationship doesn’t have possibilities. Just like the usb turntable show could be a hit on the fashion channel as viewers would actually learn how to spin their tunes on this new hot technology, maybe Pitmaster fans will stick around to see some good old American wrestling.

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