Things I Learned At Extreme Rules

Extreme Rules 2014 3

This Thursday we here at Ring Time Pro Wrestling will do our Extreme Rules recap. Where we will break each match of the event but in the meantime I figured I would share some things that I noticed while watching the show last night. Be on the lookout for our full recap later on this week.

The Best 3 Man Team Since The Freebirds

The Shield Extreme

The Shield has been a dominant team since they arrived on the scene. The scary thing is that they are only getting better. At one point it was teased that should break up and pursue their individual quest. Glad that the WWE did not go with that idea. This could be the best 3 man crew since the Fabulous Freebirds. Yes they are better than the 3 man incarnation of Demolition. Sorry fans Crush just didn’t do it for me. Dean Ambrose as your Michael Hayes, Roman Reigns handling Gordy’s heavy hitting duties and Rollins taking spot of a technician like Roberts these guys are always on the same page.

The Fans Liked WeeLC

WeeLC Comm

I thought the WeeLC match was the worst idea that the WWE had ever put together. I guess I am in the minority because the fans seemed to love it. The arena crowd and social media were buzzing over this match. I will give credit to the WWE for going all out. We had little commentators, a little referee and little ring announcer. I also need to give credit to 3MB and Los Matadores for working that match and selling for the little guys in the ring. So fans get ready you may see more of this.

WWE Does Not Care About Workplace Safety

Gas can extreme rules

Somebody might want to look at workplace safety in the WWE. There was an array of things seen under the ring last night at Extreme Rules. There various cases of beverages located under the squared circle. A variety of ladders in all sizes were also there but the most disturbing was 2 gas cans and a lighter. The gas found its way into a match but hey what happens if an accident happened before it got used. So if the ring explodes in front of you at a live event then you know why.

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