Why BattleGround Fell Flat


The early consensus from WWE fans is that last night’s BattleGround PPV was the worst of the year. The year is not over but trust me this one will be hard to beat. This was the first year of the event and may very well be the last. Then again Vince McMahon is stubborn and will try to shove it down our throats to make this strong show. The company took a few missteps that caused the event to do down in flames.


First thing was the matches and how they were set up. Why is Dolph Ziggler on your pre-show in a meaningless match that has no history? Yet somehow a match with the Great Khali is on the main card. The event featured at least 2 matches that were not promoted prior to the show. Not to mention they featured wrestlers who have little to no recent television time. The announcers we left hung out to dry trying to make these matches seem important.


Secondly the pay per view lacked any real moments. The best part of the event was the Rhodes family defeating the Shield. Notice it was a match that had multiple weeks of build up and included a personal element that the fans could buy into. Other than that there were no title changes, no heel or face turns. The show came off as less of a pay per view and more of a subpar episode of RAW.

Rhodes win

The WWE could not control the power outage but it did not help an already struggling event. The main event could have save the show and the fans were still into it. The match was solid as it always is with Daniel and Randy but the finish left fans wanting more. Now don’t get me wrong I think that the Big Show is an intriguing figure in the mix now and wonder how he will factor into equation. This introduction of a new element at this event just may not have been the right move. We are still without a WWE Champion. With the event being less than a month from the last and only 3 weeks before Hell In Cell it felt more like the company taking money then providing good entertainment.
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