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The 1980’s were a golden era in professional wrestling. The territories were still going and Vince was starting to take over the world. One aspect of this time that gets lost was the ladies that were involved in the sport. This was a great time for the women in wrestling and they are the role models for the Divas and Knockouts we have today. The Ring Time staff decided to share some of our favorite ladies from them this decade.

Miss ElizabethNothing in the 80s exhibited class like Miss Elizabeth. She was truly the first lady of the WWF as she accompanied Macho Man Randy Savage to the ring. Sometimes serving as a human shield Elizabeth was an incredible asset to Savage. She always represented grace and elgance when she appeared on WWF programming. She actually didn’t speak much at all but still was a force as a manager.


There was no woman that stood out more in Jim Crockett Promotions more than Nickla Roberts aka “The Perfect 10” Babydoll. Born into the business of professional wrestling, both of her parents were in the business. Roberts broke into the business in World Class Championship Wrestling as a valet for the late Gino Hernandez. She is the 1st lady of the Four Horseman and could seen somewhere around all the major stories that were taking place at the time. She was most notably involved in the Tully Blanchard and Dusty Rhodes feud. Babydoll can be seen being at either competitor’s side during the course of their feud. She worked as a manager but never was afraid to get in the ring and mix it up with big boys.



SunshineOne of the standout ladies of 1980s was burning it in Texas in World Class Championship Wrestling. The territory was white hot and in the middle of it was Sunshine (Sunshine). She was the valet/manager of her real life cousin Jimmy Garvin. She played his love interest in WCCW. She sometimes served as a human shield for Garvin she served as an incredible asset for Garvin. She was part of a great story with the late David Von Erich. He time with Garvin ended when a woman named Precious whom was hired as her assistant came between her and Garvin. Precious was actually Garvin’s real life wife.

Sherri MartelOne of the most legendary names in professional wrestling is the late Sherri Martel. She is a WWE Hall of Famer and was one of the standouts of the 1980s. After being trained by the legendary Fabulous Moolah, Sherri went on to work in Memphis and was managed by Jim Cornette. There she worked as a wrestler and a manager. She managed the Heavenly Bodies which consisted of Tom Prichard and Pat Rose. In 1985 Martell when to Verne Gagne’s AWA where she won the Women’s Championship. She was a 3 time champion in the promotion before later vacating the belt. Although a good wrestler and champion in a few organizations, Sherri is most known as a really good manager. In AWA she managed the World Tag Team Champions “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers and “Playboy” Buddy Rose. They would go on to feud with The Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannety). In 1987 she made her way to the WWF after being referred by Jesse Ventura. She stayed there until 1993 where she won the Women’s title from her former mentor Moolah and was an incredible manager. She was integral part of the careers of Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage and Ted DiBiase.

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