VP of Creative Writing Part 2 – Beyond WM29

VP of Creative Part 2Now that Wrestlemania is over and Vince is still confident with me then I will use the results to work out the long term future of the business. There are some changes to the earlier piece. Chris Jericho will win the MITB at Wrestlemania. I believe his in and out status makes him more unpredictable. He could maybe make a sneaky comeback and cash in. Also Team Hell No will not break up but will just change focus. Less comedy and way more action.

There are some ideas that I have toyed with such as ending the brand extension and having just one heavyweight champion. That would definitely happen in the future but in the meantime will keep things intact.

RAW and Smackdown will operate with separate GMs who will have different points of view. The idea is to have Heyman raising hell on Monday’s and Booker T trying to balance it all out on Friday nights. Next I will see if I can convince Vinny Mac to move Main Event off ION to a more visible network like USA or a NBC cable partner with a dead night. The same also goes for Saturday Morning Slam. If the WWE Network is a go this year that will solve most of my issues.

The new RAW will be controlled by Paul Heyman and his henchmen. Who will give all who oppose them hell and that especially means John Cena. We will use a name that old school fans are familiar with; the crew will be called the Dangerous Alliance. CM Punk will be the leader of this band and Brock Lesnar will be the special enforcer. The Shield will serve as the young apprentices who are learning their trade.
New Dangerous AllianceThe heels in the company will try to befriend the crew but for the most part will be unsuccessful. The Alliance will only be about the Alliance and its business. The Shield will focus their efforts on winning the tag team titles. Of course Freebird Rules apply when they when the belts. Rollins also will try to challenge for some of the singles mid card gold like the IC and US Championship. Expect tensions to rise in the group as Brock and CM Punk will have their issues while both Rollins and Ambrose have aspirations of being the leader.

Booker T GMThe company’s number two show will still be lead by Hall of Famer Booker T and will be the place where the babyfaces can get a little bit of justice. He will have a new special assistant in Vickie Guerrero while Teddy Long will be gone. Vickie’s specialty will be the Divas division which will have more solid story lines and focus more on them actually wrestling. The premier feud is that of New World Champion Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. The beef between Sheamus and Randy Orton will also be very hot and may include the United States title at some point.

In our effort to keep building for the future we will make sure NXT gets more exposure. A weekly TV show on the WWE network could go a long way. Also there will be a new added element to the programming. The current Champion, Tag Team Champion and Women’s Champ (Queen) in NXT will be able to cash in their title in a special challenge match. They will be able to challenge any member of the main roster for their spot as a part of RAW or Smackdown. If that superstar loses then he or she will have to earn their way back up and challenge an existing superstar. Tag Teams will have to challenge other tag teams and the entire team moves up or down depending on outcome.

Things that will improve or change
Tag Teams
We will give tag teams a lot more screen time. The belts need to become relevant again. With 3 primetime television programs and a Saturday show I am sure that can be accomplished. Also there will be more big names going into the tag team division. There is even an idea of using Big Show and Mark Henry as a team called Pain Inc.
Pain Inc

There will be more managers and stables in the company. Need to pair all of this athletic talent with mouthpieces that can carry the story.

United States and Intercontinental Championships
Both belts will remain active and will no longer be in non-title television matches. We will create an atmosphere where everyone wants to be a champ. Kind of like the WCW days where the TV and US title were important to all superstars.

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