To Be WWE VP of Creative Writing Part 1 – Wrestlemania

creativeAfter getting to the offices Stamford, CT and realizing that I am now the new VP of Creative Writing for the WWE its time to get to work. The first big adventure we need to tackle is the biggest wrestling event of the year in Wrestlemania. Four of the biggest matches of the year are already set. So it’s time to set those up and the long term effects of the outcome of those matches.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Champion Alberto Del Rio defends against Jack Swagger
This has been one of the more popular matches leading up to the big event. The story line centers on Swagger and his new mentor Zeb Colter’s issue with people who happen to be the same race as Del Rio. I see this as another vehicle to help Del Rio with his face turn and help him with his popularity with the fans. It will be a back and forth match with Del Rio eventually winning to only get attacked by Zeb and Swagger after the match. With a down Del Rio we will finally see Dolph Ziggler cash in his Money In The Bank opportunity. This will set off the feud with Del Rio and Ziggler and remove Swagger out of the world title conversation.

Dolph World Champ

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
The Game has a grudge against Heyman’s beast. The stipulation for this match for Brock to accept Triple H will have to accept Lesnar’s special condition which he will not know until after he signs the contract. This special condition will be that if Lesnar wins then Heyman will be new permanent GM of the Monday Night RAW. The match will also include no downside for Lesnar losing since he and Paul are making all the rules. Lesnar will defeat Hunter and this will set off a chain of events that will heavily dominate the story line through SummerSlam.

CM Punk vs The Undertaker
Urn vs The Streak
This match will be made more personal after Punk’s actions on last week’s RAW. With him capturing the urn. Punk will now say that the only way to get the urn back is by The Undertaker beating him at Wrestlemania. Current GM Vickie Guerrero will say she is appalled by Punk and will now make this match Hell In A Cell. Taker will win and recapture the urn and of course there will be some special effects around the urn. We will say that the spirits have spoken.

WWE Championship Match
Champion The Rock defends against John Cena
I guess once in a lifetime comes around twice. This time it is for the most important prize in the game. This match will be all about Cena’s redemption. Leading up to Wrestlemania he will have meetings with current and old stars showing their support. He will even speak with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin will say when he was on top there was no way some guy like Hulk Hogan be able to come in take the title. Guys like Orton and Daniel Bryan will tell him that the title should be on a guy who does this every day.

Now of course Wrestlemania is going to need some more matches to bring the show along. Here is an opportunity to help showcase some of the talent we have in the locker room and help build for the future.

Randy Orton, Sheamus and The Big Show vs The Shield
This will be the Wrestlemania debut for The Shield. They will also be facing their 3rd super team. Just like in the previous two outings they will find a way to win. Big Show will get distracted outside the ring and Orton and Sheamus will have a miscommunication inside of the ring. This will lead to a win for The Shield. There will be an argument after the match in which Randy will RKO Sheamus. This will the the official heel turn for Randy Orton and set off the feud between him and the Celtic Warrior.

Ryback vs Mark Henry
This will be a short and destructive match. The idea is to help Ryback get over and push his popularity back to what it once was. He will now be faced with his biggest test of conquering a monster like himself. Ryback will come out victorious in his biggest test yet.

Money In The Bank Will Return to Wrestlemania
There will be no more MITB PPV and it will return this year as strictly a Wrestlemania event. It will be good for any title at any time. This year’s event will feature Chris Jericho, Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara, Antonio Cesaro, Cody Rhodes and The Miz. The winner will be Chris Jericho. He will disappear and reappear and we never know when he is going to cash in.

Tag Team Championship – TLC Returns
Champions Team Hell No vs Prime Time Players vs The Usos, vs Epico and Primo vs Brodus and Tensi vs Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio

This might be a part of the pre-show or the first match of the night. Just to get the excitement going and what’s a Wrestlemania without the tag team titles being defended. There will be high flyers and all kinds of crazy action. In the middle of the mayhem The Prime Time Players will become the new Tag Team Champions.

This will conclude part 1. Part 2 of the my life as VP of Creative will be the results of Wrestlemania will carryout into long term story lines.

This was apart of an assignment from UnderScoopfire. Check out their site at

Written By Keith Holt
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