What Happens when The MVP Goes Down

Seth Rollins MVP

The best laid plans in professional wrestling can all go awry after one major injury. Last week on their European Tour the WWE lost their MVP. Like in most sports once the MVP goes down it will be hard for the team to remain intact until he or she gets back. Like in all athletic endeavors there is supposed to be a next man up mentality. The thing is with this generation of the WWE some fans are wondering if there is even a next man halfway ready to assume the responsibility of putting the company on his back.

Seth Rollins is sidelined 6-9 months with multiple ligament tears in his knee. Rollins has been carrying the belt since Wrestlemania and did a great job as a heel champ. His future is set when he comes back as the champion who never lost. Will the 2016 Shield Reunion happen still? Will he be a babyface upon his return? The possibilities are endless for Rollins but what about the now?

Roman Reigns

The WWE is going with a tournament that will crown a new champion at Survivor Series. The easy answer is for Roman Reigns to win it all but then what? The thing is that after whoever wins the title walks away from Survivor Series they will need a compelling story to go forward. For Reigns I believe the only way you put the belt on him if he turns heel and joins The Authority. If not then he can feud with the winner who will find a way to screw him out of his title shot.

Survivor Series Tourney

So who would be a compelling champion? Who is interesting enough as a heel or face that you are willing to buy in as champ? Kevin Owens would be a great heel champ but he is not seasoned enough yet and doesn’t fit with The Authority. Dolph Ziggler could be a Rollins clone who sells like a champ is way better as a heel but hey the WWE doesn’t believe in him enough to carry the load. Cesaro will face Roman Reigns in the 2nd round and hasn’t had the build up to make sense for his push.

The top two possible choices could be either Alberto Del Rio or Dean Ambrose. The case for Del Rio is that he is a 2 time world champ and would be a natural fit for The Authority. I would have him turn on Zeb just to be even more despicable and bring back the suits and the cars. He will say he came back to the WWE for the fortune and the fame.

Maybe we can see what the solo Dean Ambrose heel looks like. Another brother turns for the opportunity to have glamour and glitz. Even clean up his look and make him corporate Ambrose. The beauty with Dean is he can stay a face and you can turn Roman which may get a better reaction out of the crowd. They make it to the finals and Roman flips that switch and gets some outside HHH help and The Authority raises his hand at the end.

The Reigns turn sets up 3 possible feuds which would first be with Ambrose. After getting by his old friend there would be Brock waiting in the wind who is ready to take his rightful place back at the top of the mountain. After using all the corporate muscle that he can get Reigns will have to face the returning Seth Rollins who wants his spot back. There also room for a new baby face Bray Wyatt whose family can be the team that scares the corporate power structure to death. That all being said we will just have to see what the writers come up with.

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