Is TNA Falling Apart

Christy Hemme

Today it is was reported that Impact Wrestling will losing another long time employee. Multiple online outlets have stated that Christy Hemme will be leaving the company. Hemme has been with the company since 2006 and worked as a wrestler before an injury forced her out of the ring. She then went on to work as an announcer and became part of the creative team. The reports say she is leaving for a job outside of the wrestling business.


TNA has faced many rumors of their impending doom over the years but they have always found a way to survive. That being said, Hemme is not the only long time staple of the company to leave in 2015. Longtime broadcaster Taz recently left company to pursue other endeavors. The company also lost ring veteran Samoa Joe this too. Combine that with the word on the street that the organization does not have the best relationship with their broadcast partner Destination America, there could be some big problems the brand.

The company has not had the benefit of good press lately. There have been talks of talent and staff not getting paid on time. Could the defections be evidence of insiders knowing that the ship is sinking? Hopefully the number 2 wrestling brand in the United States is doing better than that but it’s hard to tell from the outside looking in.

We know that Taz has seen this movie before with ECW when checks were not right and the possibility of losing television. Let me reiterate that all of this going on with TNA is speculation, whether you find it here or on any other wrestling site. That being said you know how the old saying goes ‘Where there is smoke there is fire”.

Impact is in a special position because they are the first wrestling company that is forced to live out its troubles in today’s social media climate. When World Class, or the AWA were near closing their doors there no web sites watching and waiting for the wheels to fall off. The internet was not where it is today during the downfalls of WCW and ECW.

Hopefully for the sake and health of the wrestling business Dixie Carter and company can figure it all out. TNA has had some good news with the addition of Billy Corgan joining the camp as a Senior Producer for the organization. The company needs more headlines about who’s coming and less about who is going away in the near future.

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