Roman’s Wrestlemania Build Off Course

Brock and Roman

This year the WWE will have to depend on the brand that is Wrestlemania to sell the big event. It seems like the company does not have too clear of a direction on how to set up the show even with the matches that are in place. The most recent RAW did a lot to clear up the undercard but the main event picture needs some work. The work needs to be done on the Roman Reigns side of the match.

All conventional wisdom says that the WWE thinks that Reigns is the heir apparent to the John Cena face of the company throne. That being said if you were watching the last few weeks of programming you could forget that he has a match against the hottest man in the business in less than 19 days. I am not sure what the plan is for Roman? We could be turning him heel after Mania or he could get fed to Seth Rollins for a Money In the Bank cash in. Either way by going this current route there is not much excitement being built for any potential outcome.

The desire to have Roman involved in the television programs is causing him to be misused. There is no need to keep involving him story lines with The Authority and its members. None of these men will be involved in his Wrestlemania match and if Rollins is to cash in it would be smarter to keep him far away from Reigns also. He doesn’t have to compete every night. The WWE has not gotten away from the over exposing of its stars since the Attitude Era. The competition with WCW forced both companies to feel like they had to shoot all their bullets every night.

Roman vs Kane

The main focus of Roman Reigns should be Brock Lesnar and he should only be on television discussing things that pertain to trying to be world champ. The video packages the WWE have done are awesome and they should consider a few more leading up to Wrestlemania. The can show videos of Roman training for the biggest match of his life. Find a few huge guys to show him rolling around with in preparation of facing a monster like Lesnar. Do some videos of Roman talking to his dad and other Samoan legends and what it would mean for him to reach the top of mountain.

Right now the number 1 contender wrestling the likes of Big Show and Kane every week does little to expand upon the story of him attempting to be champion. Paul Heyman has done some wonderful heavy lifting verbally to sell this match. Just a little added touch from the challenger to the gold would mean so much more. No Wrestlemania main eventer should ever take a pin fall loss in the same month as the show especially to somebody who is not in the big match. Brock’s schedule has been a blessing because the WWE would probably has had him in Roman’s face the entire time not letting us anticipate anything.

The push to Wrestlemania has been totally mismanaged up to this point. If the WWE plans on making their 31st showcase one for the ages they have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks.

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