How Do The Fired Guys Comeback?

Fired Guys Ryack Ziggler

So after the triumphant return of The Authority, the egomaniacal bosses made good on their threats to fire members of Team Cena. I was upset that they brought the leadership back with no real story but let’s be honest we never really left that story arc. It was just performed without Stephanie and Triple H for few weeks. So in the 1st real big act of being in charge again they fired Dolph Ziggler, Eric Rowan and Ryback. Now we all know this can’t last forever so what’s next?

The firing idea was huge mistake, for a few reasons. First of all you don’t have time to craft any kind of meaningful story of what the guys are doing or working on in their new spare time. A work like this needs time to breath and if the WWE really thought outside the box they could have the guys competing at indie shows and put out some fake dirt sheet rumors like it was shoot. Second they left other stars high and dry. Wouldn’t have been nice for Barrett to have a meaningful feud with Ziggler for the IC Title? What happened to Ryback vs Rusev? Rusev is just a guy floating without a partner to dance with.

Fired Guys 2

Word on the street is that all 3 men are backstage at RAW, which lets the world know the WWE has too many leaks in its ranks. Those guys should be holed up at a hotel somewhere and enter through the front door like they actually bought tickets. Now how do you bring them back is the question? At this point it doesn’t really matter because they don’t have enough time to make it interesting and they need all 3 men to make the Royal Rumble interesting because they are already working with a thin roster.

They could go with the Invasion angle and try to take the show hostage and force Triple H’s hand. Maybe Hunter says that he is a fair man and give them a match with the stipulation if they win then they are back. They could go with the whole turn on Cena thing and beat him down but his cart is way too loaded with Rollins and Brock waiting for him Sunday. I guess we will see what happens tonight.

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