I Am Santa Claus – DVD Suggestion

Mick Foley I am Santa Claus

The documentary that was selected today does not necessarily qualify as a wrestling film but one of the main stars is the one and only Mick Foley. The movie “I Am Santa Claus” is about men who live the life of old Saint Nick and tells the stories of their various backgrounds and how they feel about the responsibility of being Christmas’s most popular character.

Some wrestling fans may know of Foley’s obsession with Christmas and all things Santa Claus but this is a really in depth look how far it goes with him. There are appearances by wrestlers such as Rowdy Roddy Piper, Tommy Dreamer and Jerry Lawler in the movie. Mick explores the idea of actually being Santa at his favorite place Santa’s Village.

The bonus is that you get to see the lifestyles of various jolly red men from around the country. Santa is not just about Christmas for these men it’s a year round adventure. Find out more about the men who you let hold your children. Be cautioned that you may not want the kids to watch this one. St Nick isn’t always playing nice in this film.

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