The Summer Ain’t Slamming

Traditionally the Summer time was a pretty big deal in the wrestling world. Especially in the WWF where they gear up for what they have billed as their 2nd biggest PPV of the year. With the 25th SummerSlam being this weekend it should feel like wrestling world is on fire but its not. There are no matches that make a fan think “This might change everything”. All the matches on this years card feel inconsequential and just thrown together.

This years event does not have that the Brock vs Rock type of match or CM Punk vs John Cena for the Undisputed WWE title. This is not new though the company just hasn’t had the ability to provide that magical feel in a long time. Over the past 2 years outside of Rock vs Cena at Wrestlemania and the infamous CM Punk pipe bomb there has not been too many get excited moments. Any momentum built up after those events was quickly thrown away.

This might be a part of a bigger picture that the company could actually be in decline. It may seem crazy because they are still the number 1 wrestling company in the world. Trust that the WWE would have to decline a whole lot further to not hold that title anymore. That being said the entire wrestling business is not what it used to be. Part of the WWE’s problem is they have failed to produce future stars to carry the company into the next phase. Remember the fresh faces that were John Cena, Randy Orton back in 2004. Do you honestly see that kind of potential on current roster? The lack of a solid mid card and tag team division weakens the overall quality of a show. Not to mention with no one to elevate to the main event the stars are running out of people to wrestle.

Just to stick with SummerSlam as the example event, a match like Stone Cold vs Owen Hart in 1997 was not even the main event. Or the first TLC match in 2000 that featured 3 of the companies best tag teams.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Owen Hart

Hopefully the WWE will get back to their WWF roots and we as wrestling fans will have moments again. Right now it feels like we are all at a stand still of the same matches and no compelling stories. It would be nice to have summer back.

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