Set-up For Survivor Series

Team Cena vs Team Authority

With Hell In A Cell behind us the WWE didn’t hesitate to set us up for the Thanksgiving classic Survivor Series. Headlining the event will be Team Cena vs Team Authority. Hopefully we will get a traditional event that will feature 5 on 5 matches throughout the entire show. The company has a chance to make some major wave creatively with this year’s matches.

Since the obvious main event is set up and will feature a lot of the heavy hitters on the roster it is time to fill out the rest of the program. The matches should reflect various feuds that are going on down the roster and also be a set up to create some new stars. This wouldn’t be Ring Time Pro Wrestling without us offering some suggestions for 2nd oldest active pay per view.

Total Divas Survivor

Of course there has to be a Diva’s match. Maybe it will have a Total Divas theme to it or even Team Brie vs Team Nikki. That all being said ladies like Layla, Alicia Fox, Paige and AJ Lee can’t be left out of the match either. They may even make it 7 on 7 to make enough room for everybody. The other option is use the ladies from NXT and have 2 ladies matches on the card.

Ziggler’s Time to Shine

Ziggler IC Champ

One piece of the main event that is set is that Dolph Ziggler is a part of Team Cena. After a couple of years fans wanting to see Dolph elevated here we are. Hopefully this is the beginning of something big for Ziggler. Part of it will depend on how The Authority chooses to fill out its team. They need to add another player over that will have a meaningful feud with Ziggler before and after this match is over. That all being said it will be nice to see what happens now that Zigs is on prime real estate.

NXT Invasion

Team NXT

Now there will a few matches that will include teams led by Ambrose and Bray Wyatt or The Usos leading a team taking on Goldust and Stardust. One thing I definitely want to see is Team NXT with Kenta, Steen, Zayn, Neville and Devitt. This team would get a chance to showcase their skills against the main roster. Of course I would book these guys to go over on a team that would include guys like Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. This show has a chance to be something the WWE hasn’t seen in a long time and that’s something different.

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