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The internet has been abuzz about Prince Devitt, Kevin Steen and KENTA all coming to the WWE. With these guys who have established solid reputations by being themselves will now be asked to change up their style. All three of these men are not what the company usually looks for in a sports entertainer. This can work out to be a good thing, because that cookie cutter wrestler makes for a boring show. Letting these guys develop into themselves and keep doing what they do would a good thing.

Prince Devitt

The WWE can take a look at their past and see that some guys didn’t work out because they couldn’t manage the repackage. I wonder what guys like Low Ki aka Kaval, Mystic aka Sin Cara and Chris Hero aka Kassious Ono would have been like if the company just let them cook. As Devitt, Steen and KENTA arrive at the performance center and go through their drills I hope they don’t lose much of themselves. The one of the three I see having the most to overcome is KENTA because he maybe too stiff for his WWE co-workers.

The WWE may say that they are teaching guys to wrestle for 10,000 instead of 100. Truthfully they never really wanted to give indie guys a chance to show their skills. They change a lot of them so much you wonder if they ever watched them wrestle before they signed them. Who remembers Cesaro when he was yodeling? They tried to box up CM Punk and Daniel Bryan and when they finally let them loose look what happened. You would think they learned from that but they still think all their superstars should look like Batista.

One of the main fears of the performance center was the company would start a cookie cutter factory. Fortunately it hasn’t turned out that way from watching NXT. There are a lot of different guys with varying styles and they turn out a solid show every week. I just hope these new guys will continue that and add their juice to the WWE and not the other way around.

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