We Could Use Some Shane

Shane Euro

Wrestling fans love to speculate on who is coming back to television. For the past 6 months we hear CM Punk chants in every WWE city. Chris Jericho says that no matter what he does the first question he always gets is “when are you coming back”? If one thing is true in wrestling is that absence makes the heart grow fonder. There is one person I think that would be a great addition to WWE programming.

If there is one thing the current WWE could use is some Shane McMahon. Vince McMahon’s only son has been absent from the family business for quite a long time. It’s been four years since Shane left to strike out on his own. The man who launched the company’s digital division is now doing his own thing in China as the CEO of YOU on Demand. The man who was once seen as the heir apparent is completely absent from the business he grew up in.

The WWE could use “Hear Comes The Money” on the Titantron these days. Shane was a guy who would go through a brick wall for the company and actually went through a glass one literally. Triple H and Stephanie are doing a good job running things on screen but there is no credible character that can stand up to their “Authority”. Not saying that he has to be a babyface but just an opposition force. Maybe he can set up his own heel stable that vie for control of the belts and bring some credibility to some younger stars.

Shane McMahon

The one time European Champion and Hardcore Champion worked for his family for 20 years. The former head of Global Media would be an incredible asset in the worldwide expansion of the WWE Network. That all being said what I really want to see is a Shane Elbow off the top rope. Hopefully one day we will see Linda’s son walk down the aisle.

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