Cena’s Most Interesting Rival

Cena and Bray 2

This Sunday at Extreme Rules we will get part II of the John Cena versus Bray Wyatt saga. Throughout Cena’s career he has never faced an opponent as unique as Wyatt. Most of John Cena’s opponents fit into the standard category. They are either the cowardly heel who will try to find a way to cheat their way past Cena. That is almost all of his foes with the exception of Brock Lesnar. Wyatt on the other hand is a creepy cult like figure that Cena cannot seem to get a handle on.

Despite beating the leader of the infamous Wyatt Family at Wrestlemania, Cena has not been able to shake charismatic Wyatt. This is the first time I have ever watched a confused John Cena who may or may not be sure of himself. Without any title on the line this maybe the most challenging situation the Dr of Thuganomics have ever been in. Not to mention outside of Bray he has 2 huge monsters with Harper and Rowan to deal with.

Cena has of recent always had a weird relationship with the WWE Universe. Some of us hate him and some of us love him. Usually a character like Bray Wyatt would not receive any fan support even against Cena. The fans seem to love Bray and want to see him beat Cena even when it seems like John is clearly on the side of good. It is going to be very interesting on how this shapes out but maybe a great thing for Cena’s career.

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