ROH is Coming to PPV


This week Ring of Honor Wrestling announced that it is taking another huge step in its evolvement. They will be airing their annual Best In The World event on television PPV. Yes for the first time ever you will be able to order a ROH PPV from your local cable provider. Just recently they announced that their two shows with NJPW will be available on iPPV via Ustream but going to actual PPV is a huge step.

This move maybe right on time for Ring of Honor. They have long been the number 3 wrestling organization in the United States but the between them and number 2 could be closing. Also with the WWE Network changing how they do their now labeled “Special Events” and cable providers shying away from them there is a gap where those companies will need content. TNA has scaled back their PPV events to 4 per year so there is another avenue to exploit. Ring of Honor and Sinclair maybe a national TV deal away from really making a move.

The Best in The World event is being held in Nashville, TN on June 22nd. This gives ROH two months of solid promotion time. The internet fan base is already buzzing and Ring of Honor fans are generally very loyal and supportive. The 24.95 price point to me is great for PPV. I actually have wondered why TNA had not priced their events in that price range. This is a huge step for Ring of Honor with hopefully more to come.

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