Unfortunate Legend’s Tale

The wrestlers from the 1980s and 90s were part of the era of professional wrestling. Their contributions and sacrifices created the mega business of professional wrestling that we have today. The unfortunate reality about the wrestlers from this era is that a lot of them have fell on hard times. The wrestling legend Kamala falls under this category. Billed as the “Ugandan Giant” he made his name in the NWA, WCCW and the WWF.

Recently Kamala has some had some serious health issues related to his diabetes. He is a double amputee as a result of his illness. For those of you not familiar with the wrestling business works most of these veterans did not have adequate medical insurance because their independent contractor status did not afford them healthcare benefits. Nor did this status allow them to have any kind of pension. There 2 organizations that said they would help Kamala out with his expenses.

The Boston-based independent wrestling promotion Millenium Wrestling Federation was one and Wrestlers Rescue and organization ran by former WWE and ECW diva Dawn Marie. According to Kamala both of these organizations did not forward any of the money raised to him. To be fair both companies have issued statements in their defense. I am not here to tell you who is right or wrong but just regardless of who really did what this is a sad situation. Also this is not the first time the Wrestlers Rescue has been accused of not handling money correctly meant for a wrestler. There was an issue with Dr. Death Steve Williams a little while back before he unfortunately passed away from throat cancer. The allegations against Wrestlers Rescue are only rumors and have never been 100% confirmed.

At the end of the day I hope that the Ugandan Giant gets the help that he needs and that these issues can get resolved. As a wrestling fan its hurtful to see this situation play out this way.

Statement from Kamala

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