Stop It With The Sting Rumors

Sting Rumor

The last 5 years around Wrestlemania time the rumors start flying about Sting coming to the WWE. The anticipation for a Sting versus Undertaker match has taken over internet wrestling discussions for the past few years. I am not saying this is not going to ever happen but I can wait. Now don’t get me wrong I am as big of Sting fan as they come but I am not going to let my emotions keep getting toyed with.

Most of the rumors are pure speculation and wishful thinking but at this point it has taken a life of its own. It’s not just blogs of the smarks but a lot of reputable outlets have been giving their Sting plans over the past few years. The sites speak as if they have read the contracts and what do we get every year? So I am just saying stop it and stop it now. Until I see Sting in rafters at RAW with a baseball bat I will not excited about any news regarding The Franchise of WCW.

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Keith B. Holt
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