Who Are They Burying?

Dolph Ziggler

The WWE makes decisions sometimes that confuse the fans. By in part all wrestling companies make choices that fans cannot make sense of. The internet wrestling community can be very vocal about their ideas when it comes to how a specific wrestler is handled. The thing is no matter how any of us feel; no one really knows why a guy slips down the card. It just seems like some of these performers should have a bigger piece of the action.

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe

Still to this day I don’t understand why Samoa Joe is not the face of TNA. One of the most impressive performers that have been on Impact Wrestling seems to always slip out of the main event picture. At his height he seemed to be well on his way to taking the company to the next level. When Kurt Angle arrived in TNA and started off with a feud with Samoa Joe it was the perfect landing spot. It seems through all of the company’s transitions that Joe got lost in the shuffle. Remember that horrible angle where he got kidnapped and then just showed back up few months later with no explanation? They still have him and with all the restructuring maybe Dixie will realize she has a blue chip athlete.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Zigg

At the beginning of 2013 I thought the Dolph Ziggler era was upon us. By the end of the year I was hoping the guy was going to still be employed with the company. The WWE brass may not agree and definitely never feel pressured by what the internet thinks. Whatever has transpired we have seen Ziggler take an enormous amount of losses over the past few months. He has been a part of a lot of PPV pre-shows and not on the actual card. After losing the title to Del Rio and suffering a couple of concussions it appears the regime has soured on him being a top guy. A lot fans speculate that it has to do with Ziggler being outspoken about his place on the card. He tends to take more chances on social media and be a little more honest than most superstars in interviews with media outlets. The WWE would probably argue that they have a plan for Dolph and we just have to wait and see. Well right now it seems like a burial.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan 2013

Now some people would disagree with the idea that Daniel Bryan has been getting buried. I would say this, his support from fans has pushed him despite the WWE brass trying its hardest not to push him. It did not seem as if the deal with the Wyatt Family pushed them further along but just took Bryan further away from the WWE World Heavyweight title picture. As of press time Bryan is not listed to compete in the Royal Rumble match. Hopefully he will be one of the surprise entries. He and Bray Wyatt both need to be a part of that event. If Daniel does not enter the match it almost solidifies that the powers that be have no Wrestlemania main event plans for him.

Now don’t get me wrong out of the wrestlers that I mentioned any of them could have their fortunes changed in a few months. The current strategy could be a part of a long range plan that we do not see but as of right now these men seem to be underutilized. There are also some competitors that people feel that I may have missed like Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett and Austin Aries could have been mentioned. For now it’s time to wait and see what happens.

Written By
Keith B. Holt
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