What Does TNA Need?

TNA Face

TNA is entering a new phase in their existence as a company. The Hulk Hogan era is over and Impact Wrestling is searching for an identity. As a company they seem to have a solid place in wrestling so now it’s time to take the next step. Do they need a face for the company? Is the six sided ring coming back? As they are growing what will they do next? Of course I could not resist the urge to add my thoughts on how things should go.

No more WWE Castoffs
One of the biggest mistakes that TNA has made in the past is trying to push old WWE guys to the moon. Now understand that some guys they have had tremendous success with. You cannot argue that a guy like Bully Ray has turned into top of card heel. That being said what about Christian, Matt Morgan, Tomko, Ron Killings, and Ken Anderson. Guys who not main event guys in another company do not automatically qualify as main event players in your organization.

I think Bully is the right model because he came in the way he was in the WWE a tag team wrestler who worked his way up the card. Also I will add Kurt Angle as an example of a situation that has worked out. He was a main event star in the WWE and was able to carry that over to TNA and add a lot of credibility to the company and helped get some of their original guys over. That all being said I think Jeff Hardy has been a disappointment and he was also a prime time player when he left the big company up north.

Do Things Your Own Way

AJ and DixeThe WWE is their own company and has gone out of their way to brand themselves as an entertainment company. Impact Wrestling is a wrestling organization and should conduct itself as such. Think about everything that the WWE is not doing and do that to carve out your own way. Now there are not many new stories in wrestling but you have to find ways to tell them your own way. A fan shouldn’t be watching something on TV and say that’s just like what I just watched elsewhere. Just like the Gail Kim walking around with a large bodyguard at the same time AJ Lee is doing so is not a good look. Not to beat a dead horse but get back to your X-Division roots and put on more tag team matches and Knockout matches.

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Keith B. Holt
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