YouTube Chronicles 17 – Bound For Glory

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Impact Wrestling is gearing up for its annual Bound for Glory pay per view. This is the biggest event of the year for the company. We at Ring Time Pro Wrestling could not resist an opportunity to pine through YouTube for some awesome Bound For Glory moments. The major event that the company was built on has had some very good matches. We found matches that include names like Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett, and The Icon Sting for you all to enjoy.

TNA: Bound For Glory 2007 – Steiners vs. Team 3D

In 2007 we got a match that any wrestling fan can appreciate. Two different eras of tag team wrestling meet in a clash of all time greats. The Steiners take on Team 3D (Dudley Boyz) in match of legendary teams. Rick Steiner who has not been active on the pro wrestling came back for this special occasion.

World Heavyweight Championship 2006 – Sting vs Jeff Jarrett w/ special guest ref Kurt Angle

In 2006 TNA’s big event got a shot in the arm by having “The Icon” Sting in the main event against the founder of the company Jeff Jarrett for World Title. This was the beginning of Sting being a staple in the TNA line up and not just in and out like he was in previous years. This match also features special guest referee Kurt Angle fresh from his time in the WWE.

Bound For Glory 2005: Samoa Joe vs. Jushin Liger

In 2005 Bound For Glory featured a match between one of wrestling’s up and coming superstars in Samoa Joe and a legend in Jushin Liger. Liger a star in Japan and known in the states by his legendary matches with Brian Pillman in WCW and Joe fresh off his time in Ring of Honor the the CM Punk feud that energized the internet wrestling community.

Bound For Glory 2007: Team Pacman vs. AJ Styles and Tomko

TNA has never been afraid to bring in talent from outside the wrestling world to join in their big events. They really love football players like Brandon Jacobs and Bart Scott. One of the most notable was Adam “Pac Man” Jones at that time was a member of the Tennessee Titans. He had even been half of the tag team champions at one point. This match features AJ Styles and Tomoko vs Ron Killings (now WWE’s R-Truth) and Consequences Creed ( now NXT’s Xavier Woods) in an action packed match.

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