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Yesterday Jim Ross announced that he will be retiring from the WWE. After 20 years with the organization he is moving on to other things. It sounds especially sad to me that Jim Ross may have called his last match with the WWE. For people of my generation it is not debatable that man with the big hat from Oklahoma is the greatest announcer in the history of the sport.

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The announcement of this retirement does not just represent JR leaving WWE but it seems like his last ride in wrestling. Ross is a man who has had a much storied career before arriving in the WWE. From his time working for Hall of Famer Bill Watts or calling some of the best matches in WCW it now maybe all over. My introduction to Jim Ross comes from those days in WCW and him calling matches for guys like Sting, Catcus Jack and of course Ric Flair.


Let’s not forget that we are losing much more than just the greatest announcer but we are also losing one of the greatest lifetime contributors to wrestling business. Not only being the voice of the Attitude Era he also helped bring in a lot of the talent of the most successful era of wrestling. Signing guys like Kurt Angle, Edge, Brock Lensar, Randy Orton, John Cena and The Rock just to name a few.


Jim Ross will be missed on WWE programming but we will always have the memories him adding his voice to some of the greatest matches of all times. We at Ring Time Pro Wrestling wish him luck and continued success on the plans he has for the rest of his life.
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