Mark Henry Excitement

Mark henry retirementMark Henry provided wrestling fans with one of the greatest RAW segments of all time. He showed how you play out a good wrestling story in the internet era. Using social media to start the angle Henry sent a tweet that made a lot fans believe he was going to retire from the world of professional wrestling.
Mark tweet

As we all know Mark Henry did not retire but what he did was cut one of the best promos ever. He drew everybody in and then lowered the boom. He specifically dropped the bomb on WWE Champion John Cena that he was not retiring and he was coming for the WWE title. Mark Henry is the longest tenured WWE star on the active roster. His late career has been excellent and he has seemed to really find his place. If this is one of the last acts of The World Strongest Man, I expect to be a good one.

His most recent run with the World Title was a breath of fresh air to the Smackdown brand and he kept fans entertained. Mark has shown the ability to cut a good promo and even has some comedic chops. Also as a legit strongman he makes for a scary opponent for any WWE Superstar. It should be very entertaining for WWE fans and painful for John Cena.

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