Bound For Glory Series 2013 – Preview

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The 2013 Bound for Glory Series has kicked off in TNA this year. This is one of my favorite things in wrestling right now. I give any creative staff that has to book these matches over the long term a lot of credit. Not only do you have to account for injuries to the wrestlers that are involved you have to make sure that the outcomes to each of these matches make sense. The winner of the event will be the number one contender for the World Heavyweight title. We currently have a list of the wrestlers who will compete in this year’s event.
Jeff Hardy
Bobby Roode
Austin Aries
AJ Styles
Mr. Anderson
Samoa Joe
Joseph Park
Jay Bradley

The general idea is to set up a compelling story that fans will invest in and also create or help some stars shine. Out of this year’s batch competitors I see a few that I think need to have strong showing.

anderson 2

Ken Anderson is the lone member of Aces and 8s in the Bound for Glory Series. As long TNA is going to continue to go along with the Aces as a power group within the company they will to have a real player in the series. His presence creates a lot of options in the storyline. Say Bully is still the champion by Bound for Glory and Anderson wins the entire thing. Does he challenge the leader of the gang? Say Bully loses the title beforehand and Anderson rides the BFG to the belt does he make a move to lead the band?

2013 AJ Styles

The Phenomenal AJ Styles and is ready to make his presence felt. As one of the foundations of what TNA has built no better way to bring him back strong than with a good BFG series. He also has some creative versatility. AJ is riding as a lone wolf and is not affiliated with the Aces and 8s or any other type of faction. He could always join the biker gang whose image kind of matches his new motif or he could bond with the Sting’s revamped Main Event Mafia or stay out on his own.

Samoa Joe

The Samoan Submission Machine is long overdue. He has been teased to get back into the main event but has not quite made it. Samoa Joe is a good worker and would scare any world champion who has the title. A strong push for him could definitely be a step in the right direction for the company. If we looking at the winner of the event to be the leader of the TNA roster who takes down Aces and 8s then this would not be a bad way to go.


It’s no secret that a lot of TNA fans think that Magnus is a future star and can do big things in the company. Well I see the future as right now. He has the look and has been grinding on the mid card for a while now. A good showing of Magnus climbing the rankings every week will build his credibility to the masses. He does not need to win the entire thing but I would nice to see him at least finish in the top 4.
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