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Welcome to our space here on the world wide web.  We are Ring Time Pro Wrestling and are here to talk about professional wrestling.  We watch all the organizations around the world that we can get our hands on and love to interact with other wrestling fans.

About our Organization

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Our church is extremely active in the local community.  We are open to any who want to join.  Come see us during an event. Wednesday nights are a great time to come to a relaxed atmosphere with young adults.  We have a short service followed by music and events. 

Why you should join

  • 4 weekend services
  • Church school
  • Daycare for your children
  • Summer camp
  • Wednesday service and events
  • Music department
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Pastor Charles Markus

Pastor Markus is always open to let you know how things work at Community Church.  You can stop by during an event or catch him during office hours.

Monday - Thursday: 9AM-12AM

Our Community

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