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Cody Rhodes Out There Shining

Cody Rhodes ROH

For most pro wrestlers, the goal is to get to the WWE. The unquestioned big leagues of sports entertainment generally put you in the most visible space and a chance to make the most money. Talent that gets released tends to have a good early run on the independents and then it’s a stint in TNA before obscurity. Very few wrestlers experience success like a Drew Galloway who worked himself back into the WWE by the fantastic work he was doing. No one does it as big as Cody Rhodes is doing it now.

After stalling out in WWE under the Stardust gimmick Cody Rhodes bet on himself and hit the road wrestling in various promotions around the world. Now a member of the world-famous Bullet Club, Cody appears to be having his best wrestling life. Working as the ultimate free agent for a while Rhodes has settled himself in Ring of Honor. On June 23rd, America’s Nightmare defeated Christopher Daniels to become the World Champion in Ring of Honor. His win brings the first world title to the Rhodes family in 30 years.

Ring of Honor is effectively the number 2 wrestling promotion in the United States. Their partnership with New Japan is giving them major traction around the world. Rhodes has benefited from the that partnership and main evented the first night of the US G1 Special against New Japan’s standard bearer Kazuchika Okada. Ring of Honor’s partnerships with New Japan and CMLL out of Mexico will give Rhode plenty of opportunities to showcase himself on big shows around the world. Put that along with him taking a prominent role in the hottest faction in wrestling the future is only looking up for Rhodes.

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