Jim Johnston Cranks Out The Hits

Jim Johnston hitsThere is nothing like a good theme song for a wrestler. It is one of the greatest character enhancers. Remember the feel you got when the music for the Ultimate Warrior would hit. You knew somebody was in trouble. There is nothing like the smashing glass before Stone Cold Steve Austin hits the ring. Most of your favorite WWF hits can be credited to one man. Since 1985 Jim Johnston has been pumping out hits for your favorite superstars.

Writing for entrance themes for The Rock, Big Show and even the new sensation Fandango Johnston is a wrestling hit maker. He also composes most of the music for the company‚Äôs PPV and TV shows. He even does work for the movie studio projects for the WWE. Although he performs a lot of the music he also brings in talent to help bring out his vision. Whether its the band Rev Theory to perform Randy Orton’s Voices or Sugar Tongue Slim to help the Prime Time Players Make Moves he is ready to make a hit. We at Ring Time Pro Wrestling will share some of our new and old Jim Johnston favorites.

New Stephanie McMahon Theme – Welcome to the Queendom

The Undertaker – Rest In Peace

The Rock Theme

The Ultimate Warrior Theme

Fandango Theme – Cha Cha La La

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