Impact Wrestling Rolling The Dice

Impact TourThis week starts big change for Impact Wrestling. This weekend the company bets it big by doing their Lockdown PPV live from the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX. Over the past few months the TNA has decided to make some changes and now we get to see them unfold. They all seem like good moves in my opinion.

The first is to cut back on the pay per views. I wish the WWE would look at this model because the market is getting over saturated with an event every month and the story lines don’t get a chance to develop. The second is one that I have been advocating for a long time and that is leaving the Impact Zone. Don’t get me wrong it was a good move for the company to go to Orlando to get themselves established. Now its time to take this show to the fans around the country. I personally have enjoyed every live TNA event that I have went to and it provides an awesome fan experience. Hopefully this is the right move for the number 2 organization in the business as they move into the future. The world will have to wait and see.

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