The Fantasy Book Volume 1

Attack Ryback
Welcome to the first edition of the fantasy book. Where I take current wrestling storylines and characters and give you my thoughts on what their futures should be. Today’s subject is the WWE faction The Shield. The group that consists of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose has been wreaking havoc throughout the company since they first appeared. They have been known to antagonize Ryback but have been thorns for a lot of the top faces in the WWE. Now going forward the company needs to make a move before this act gets stale like other groups like the Nexus.

Here comes the next step for the group. They have to get integrated and create their own storylines that we can follow. Fans will easily tire of a group of guys who just jump in matches. Now whether they keep them as a rogue group or affiliate them with Paul Heyman the group needs to get in the ring and have more matches. The only way to get better in the ring is by getting more time in the ring. With Ambrose’s mic work the group could survive on their own but would probably work better within the confines of a super group with Punk and Heyman.

The ideal situation would be to place them in line for the tag team titles. Give them a few matches against the Usos, Epico and Primo before moving up to Kane and Daniel Bryan. The feud with Bryan and Kane would be a good thing for both teams. Once Shield captures the titles they will defend them under the Freebird Rule. In which all 3 members would be recognized as the champions. The tag team matches would give them an opportunity to learn and try to establish a leader of the pack.
Heyman on raw
Heyman would be very beneficial to the group because he can serve as a mouth piece and already add to their heat. Since they have been involved in story lines with Heyman and Punk it would not be hard for fans to accept the idea. With Ambrose and Rollins background Punk could say that these young lions are the change that he was talking about. These are 3 men that he could mold for the future of the WWE. Also he would have protection to continue his dominance over the world title. Kind of like a Ric Flair with the Four Horsemen or Triple H in Evolution. The future can be very bright for The Shield.

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Keith B. Holt of Ring Time Pro Wrestling
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