Rock Meet CM Punk

CM Punk meets Rock
Last night The Rock returned to WWE RAW. He got a chance to meet the WWE Champion CM Punk. Now you might say that Rocky has met the Straight Edged superstar before and yes he has. But he has never met CM Punk in this form. He was truly the Best In The World last night. This could be The Rock’s greatest verbal foe since Chris Jericho. Actually it will be more difficult due to the fact the Dwayne has been gone from wrestling for a long time. Punk is very quick off the top of his head while it seems like Rock has a prepared script.

Now don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of The Rock and can’t wait to see this Royal Rumble match. Rocky will get back to form in a few weeks and I can assure that his presence has sold a lot of tickets. Punk was in rare form last night. Not just his confrontation with The Rock but the time he held court in the ring and told it like it is before The People’s Champ ever came out. He even told the fans about ourselves and was real honest about how he feels and we all loved it.

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