The 2013 WWE Hall of Fame

Now that we are heading towards Pre-Wrestlemania season its time to talk WWE Hall of Fame. With Wrestlemania being in New York this year it would be nice that WWE honor their Madison Square Garden heritage. Also it must also right some past wrongs and mend some old wounds with wrestling legends. So the Ring Time staff decided to compile a short list who we think should make it in this year.


Bruno Sammartino
One of if not the greatest champion in the history of the company. One of the most popular wrestlers in the 1960’s and 70’s. Before there was a WWE or even WWF there was the WWWF. Bruno was it champion over 2 reigns that lasted over 11 years time. No wrestler has headlined more cards at MSG than Bruno Sammartino. Asking old school wrestling fans they think that it is an out right crime that the wWE has not included a man that is partially responsible for the company being as successful as it is.


Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth
What couple is more legendary than the Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth. Part of the 1980’s success of the WWF that helped the company become the unstoppable wrestling juggernaut that it is. Like Bruno a lot fans feel that this is long overdue and it wouldn’t be a better time to induct both Savage and Elizabeth. He is a multiple time World Title holder that starred for the company along side the other 80’s guys like JYD and Hulk Hogan who are already in. Miss Elizabeth is a trailblazer as a popular female manager. Way before there were WWE Divas there was Miss Elizabeth.


Mick Foley
It would be nice to see local Long Island native Mick Foley get his due this year. Who has given up his body more for the WWE than Foley? Whether as Cactus Jack, Mankind of Dude Love he has never failed to entertain WWE fans. One of the biggest stars of the beloved Attitude Era and a part of current story lines. Not to mention we know he will probably give on hell of a speech.

Paul Heyman
Maybe not an long over looked choice but who doesn’t want to a Paul Heyman guy? A legendary creative mind in the business and godfather of the movement that was ECW. Heyman’s impact on wrestling can be felt in even the indies like ROH and DragonGate where his proteges started those companies. Where the rise of CM Punk or Brock Lesnar you can’t deny Heyman’s impact on pro wrestling. That doesn’t even include his time in WCW, the AWA and other promotions. His ECW is where a Stone Cold Steve Austin showed his promo ability. Heyman also would have a great speech.

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