The Men in Black – Survivor Series Edition

Last in watching the WWE’s annual Survivor Series PPV you were probably wondering, who were those guys in black that attacked Ryback? The answer is Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. They are guys from the WWE’s FCW developmental territory. A spot like this was an excellent lift off for these young men’s career. The Ring Time staff has decided to provide you with a little information to get you more familiar with these gentlemen.

 Dean Ambrose
Enter Dean Ambrose who is more popularly known by internet fans as Jon Moxley. A veteran on the indy scene, working in Dragon Gate USA, CHIKARA and CZW. A favorite of fans who watch FCW Ambrose is now in the big time.


Roman Reigns
The muscle of the young group appears to be one Roman Reigns. A former standout football player from Georgia Tech and the Canadian football league. The young man has wrestling in his blood. He is a member of the famed Anoa’i family. A family tree that includes names like Umaga, Rikishi and The Usos. He is the son of Sika, one half of the Wild Samoans. Trained by his father and uncle Afa, Roman is poised for big things in the wrestling business.

Seth Rollins
The final member of the crew and possibly the star out the gate is Seth Rollins. The NXT Champion and former FCW title holder has been a favorite of the Ring Time staff for sometime. Most famous for his time in Ring of Honor as Tyler Black. A lot of fans thought he would be on the active roster of RAW or Smackdown already. If you want see some really intense wrestling action look up some of his ROH matches against Austin Aries and Davey Richards.

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