When Do Angles Go Too Far?

If you watched WWE RAW last night then you witnessed the return of Jerry The King Lawler. It was 9 weeks after watching Lawler suffer a massive heart attack live on air. It was a very emotional moment for wrestling fans around the world.

Then enter the WWE Champion CM Punk. In a heel move kind of ruined the comeback of a legend that all the fans missed. Now don’t get me wrong I understand that it was all apart of an angle and it was designed to inspire more hate against Punk. But that begs the question are sometimes these angles in bad taste. Last night on social media there was a mixed reaction among fans.

Right now I still don’t know how to feel. I thought Punk an excellent job heeling it up for the fans and getting that HEAT. I also felt that maybe we should have just let Jerry have his moment and the fans appreciate him for being back. Judge it all for yourself.

The Lawler Return

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