Goldberg Headlines 2018 HOF

We are officially in Wrestlemania season and we now have our first member of this year’s Hall of Fame class. It was announced last week that Bill Goldberg will be the first entrant in the 2018 WWE HOF class. Goldberg will more than likely be the headliner of this group of men and women receiving rings in April.

Although Goldberg had a short career by most standards, he made the most of his time in professional wrestling. A central figure in the Monday Night Wars he was the biggest star WCW created during that time period. He captivated the wrestling world with an awesome presence and powerful moves. Winning most of matches in squashes fans become caught up in what is now known as “The Streak”. Goldberg’s undefeated run to start his career in WCW helped the company keep pace with the WWF’s Attitude Era.

WCW needed a hero to fight against the dominant force of the NWO and its 2 factions running wild over the organization. Goldberg fit the bill and his bald head and black trunks caused instant comparisons to Steve Austin who was the hottest guy in the business at the time. Bill quickly found made his way to champion status by defeating Raven for the US Title. When it was time to sell 44,000 tickets in the Georgia Dome on Nitro and try for big ratings push Goldberg took down the immortal Hulk Hogan.

If WCW was a better ran company and could have survived beyond 2001, who knows that the legacy of Bill Goldberg could have been. He proved be a big draw on Broadway with his 2004 run in the WWE. Bringing the “Who’s Next” movement to the big promotion he did not disappoint. Taking take off from the business Goldberg proved he still had it last year with is matches against Brock Lesnar and winning the Universal Title. It will be interesting to see who are the other competitors that will fill out this year’s Hall of Fame Class.

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