Is The WWE Due a Style Change

The WWE/ WWF has always been the land of the giants. From Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant or even a Batista the company has always favored the bigger wrestler. No matter if they were freakishly tall or overly muscled the WWE had to have them. Don’t get me wrong over the years a Shawn Michaels, Edge or Chris Jericho has broken through but the overall image of the company has been more Ultimate Warrior.
After watching the success of CM Punk and the run he has had as champion could the company be due a style change. For once actually catering to the traditional wrestling fan. That old school WCW/NWA fan who is more into the competition aspect of the sport.

With the recent rumored signing of Sami Callihan from Dragon Gate the WWE appears to continue its raiding of the independent circuit. What has continued to be a trend is that these wrestlers are signed and left to flounder away in FCW. If called up they tend to get missed used. Their names are changed and the company attempts to transform them into characters they can fit into the corporate box. Maybe its time for the WWE to fit into their box and embrace a new style of how to present wrestling.

Lets take that wrestling style that has the internet all up in a buzz and fans exchanging links and videos and bring it to the broader audience. One thing it will do is help you keep the true wrestling fan. The fan that embraces the different types of body types and loves guys who can cut killer promos. There is no reason that Kevin Steen or Samoa Joe cannot become the next Dusty Rhodes if given the opportunity. Also wouldn’t it be nice to have more engaged fans who are passionate about the product.

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