Presenting the Bracket for the Mae Young Classic

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This is Keshia, and I am bringing you the latest news in the 2017 WWE Mae Young Classic! The bracket for the MYC has just been released, but we have also gotten some new and exciting news during the bracketlogy special that aired on the WWE Network after SummerSlam. I am here to give you the scoop and to give a rundown of what is to come next.

First, we here at Ring Time Pro Wrestling would like to give some huge congratulations to the first full time referee in the WWE, Jessika Carr. You will get to see her do her thing during the MYC and hopefully on television sometime in the near future. Yay for Jessika!

The next thing to point out about the MYC is that one of the official correspondents for the tournament will be WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blaze. Blaze, who can also be known by the wrestling name Medusa, will be a part of the backstage action as she will be conducting interviews with the superstars participating in the event as well as assisting in giving us the scoop on what is to come. A living legend to grace us with her presence during this historic event? I am all for it!

Lastly, the bracket is finally out, and we get to see who will be facing who during the first round of the MYC and get to give a good idea of who to pick before the first four episodes premiere on the WWE Network on Monday, August 28th. I won’t be going through all the match-ups, but I will be highlighting a few that I believe will be worth seeing as well as giving a pick for each one. I will only be mentioning six (three from each side of the bracket), but I will be giving highlights of the first four episodes of the MYC next week after they have premiered on the WWE Network. Here are some matches that we here at RTPW find particularly interesting:

Marti Belle vs. Rachel Evers
Marti Belle’s face may look very familiar to those that follow the wrestling Indy scene and have watched TNA Wrestling as she was a member of the Dollhouse. Belle is representing the Dominican Republic in the MYC, and her good looks can be deceiving as she is a tough one to compete with in the ring. Rachel Evers has some real competition in the first round of the tournament, but she also possesses the toughness that it takes to get through her opponents.
Predicted winner for this match-up: Marti Belle

Kairi Sane vs. Tessa Blanchard

These two women have a lot on their hands as Kairi Sane prepares on Tessa Blanchard in round one of the MYC, but both women have the experience to take down the other. Look for a more technical style of wrestling from Kairi Sane as opposed to her Japanese counterparts already signed to the WWE. Look for Tessa to give you a knockdown drag out in order to secure the victory.
Predicted winner for this match-up: Kairi Sane

Sarah Logan vs. Mia Yim
Sarah Logan just recently made her NXT debut against Peyton Royce Wednesday night in the Barclays Center on the follow-up show from NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 and SummerSlam. Even though she fell short of a victory, look for her to give all her effort again as she takes on the well-rounded Mia Yim. Logan should watch out for those kicks of Yim as they can be brutal, but Yim should not let her guard down from Yim as well.

Predicted winner of this bout: Mia Yim

Serena Deeb vs. Vanessa Borne
Having seen matches of both Serena Deeb and Vanessa Borne, I (Keshia) have to say that competition here is about even. Vanessa Borne defeated Jayme Hachey on an episode of NXT to qualify for her spot in the MYC, but she has a rough competitor to face in Deeb. A piece of advice for Borne: watch out for the spears.
Predicted winner in this match: Serena Deeb

Shayna Baszler vs. Zeda
Shayna Baszler is no stranger to the cameras and exposure, and her wrestling style is not submission grappling by accident. Baszler, for those who are unaware, is a member of UFC’s Four Horsewomen. That’s right. The former UFC fighter will be facing Zeda first, and Zeda is no slouch in the ring, having a background in MMA and wrestling training with The Brian Kendrick. Will Baszler be able to pull off the win, or will Zeda be able to take down her opponent when it is all said and done?
Predicted winner for this fight: Shayna Baszler

Ayesha Raymond vs. Toni Storm

Ayesha Raymond is a brawler from England, and Toni Storm is strong style connoisseur form Australia. Raymond is a full 8 inches taller than Storm, but Storm can take down Raymond with her kicks and moves. It is going to be interesting to see the Australian striker take on the former bodybuilder considering the size difference and the difference in styles. Do not put anything that past either woman as they will prove their strengths and weaknesses against each other.
Predicted winner in this match-up: Ayesha Raymond

I can’t wait to see this action and find out how our predictions were correct. I am way too excited to watch these 32 superstars give it their all in the Mae Young Classic! Catch me next week when I give a full recap of the first four episodes of this historic tournament, and look out for any news that may be out in the mist of this event. Enjoy the festivities, and I will see y’all next week! PEACE!!

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