15 Years Ago The Legend of Brock Begins

On Sunday, Brock Lesnar will walk into SummerSlam as the reigning Universal Champion. It will be 15 years from the first time we saw Brock at the summer classic. It was the highlight of one of the best rookie year’s the wrestling business has ever seen. His opponent for the WWE title was The Rock.

The Rock was the unquestioned man in professional wrestling. The WWE had officially won the Monday Night Wars the man with the Brahma Bull tattoo was sitting at the top of the heap. Nobody may have ever been as popular as Rock in wrestling and he was facing this young lion who looked like the future of the business.
Lesnar was a part of the now legendary Class of 2002 that included Batista, Randy Orton and John Cena that would go on to change the business. Brock was the immediate breakout star. He defeats Rock in this epic match-up and the legend of Brock is cemented. The Rock was the clear fan favorite early but halfway through the match Brock turns the crowd in his favor. This also starts an amazing run of dominance for Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Lesnar as it stands has a 6-1 record at the Summer Classic, with his only loss being a controversial decision to The Undertaker. One of his most notable performances is the 2014 SummerSlam where Lesnar destroys the most decorate star of a generation in John Cena. After that match Suplex City was born. This Sunday with odds stacked against him, we may see The Beast add 3 more bodies to his resume.

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