Is GBF Big Enough for Brock vs Joe

Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar

After Samoa Joe’s big win at Extreme Rules he is now on a direct collision course with The Beast Brock Lesnar. Just that fact alone makes this a huge match but to add spice to the contest, it’s for the Universal Title. This epic event is scheduled to go down July 9th at the WWE’s new pay per view “Great Balls of Fire”. Now I can understand that the company wants its new show to be a hit but it feels like they may be going about this the wrong way. This match belongs on one of the big 4 shows of the year. Great Balls of Fire doesn’t give this match the respect it deserves.

Now I am not sure what Great Balls of Fire can become in the future but right now it’s just a calendar filler for the company that is oversaturating the market with PPV events. That is more reason that this match maybe should happen a month later at SummerSlam. Brock Lesnar’s special schedule means that his matches should always be set up for him to have maximum impact. We have not seen The Beast since Wrestlemania and I can see why the company is eager to get him in the ring but first time he meets the Samoa Submission Machine it should be on a grander stage.

Joe vs Brock RAW

Although only being in the WWE a short time, Samoa Joe is seasoned veteran who is finally getting his shine on the biggest stage in wrestling. Joe has proven to be a force everywhere he has went in sports entertainment. His time in the WWE is proving to be no different. He presence combined with ability to deliver on the microphone allow him and Paul Heyman to really cook up some magic that doesn’t have to be immediately cashed in on.

A new event is also not the best way to capture what the mystique of Brock Lesnar should be. With his limited schedule, the use of his available dates should have the maximum impact. The fans are even invested in the idea of this new show. At least if this were The Great American Bash it could trade on nostalgia but none of that exist with Great Balls of Fire. That being said I am sure that Brock and Joe will tear it down and hopefully this will not be a one off. Two warriors who don’t back down will show why this is a Mania Main Event level match.

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