The Bullet Club Stays So Hot

Bullet Club 2017

Is it official that Adam Cole is coming to the WWE as all the rumors insist? Who knows but after his being kicked out of The Bullet Club last week we all know that the Club does this sendoff thing right. Suffering the same fate as AJ Styles when he left the group, Cole was ceremoniously kicked out by the Young Bucks as Kenny Omega gave the order.

As the group now enters into a new era that introduced newest member former ROH TV Champ Marty Scurll. One thing that the Bullet Club has done better than any other previous wrestling faction is keep the ball rolling through its major line-up changes. A group that exist across 2 major promotions has found a way to remain one of the top forces in pro wrestling.
Back in 2013 Prince Devitt (Finn Balor) joined up with Bad Luck Fale after turning on his partner Ryusuke Taguchi in New Japan. The duo was then joined by Karl Anderson and Tama Tonga to form an all foreign crew in the Japanese promotion. The Young Bucks and Doc Gallows later joined the group. What helped the group get over is that they were all legit friends behind the scene that traveled together.

The group has drawn a lot of comparisons to the NWO, especially since they throw up the Kliq’s too sweet. Because of their popularity and the group was made up of top guys the Bullet Club has been embraced by members of the older stable. The Club even at one time had Cody Hall son of a NWO founding member Scott Hall in the crew to bring it all full circle.

With “The Elite” (Kenny Omega and Young Bucks) at the top of the stable and their newest member The Villain Marty Scurll and original members Tonga and Fale the group is strong as it ever was. Let us not forget the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes who is now officially a full-time member of the ROH roster and will probably be spending a lot of time in New Japan with his new crew. The Bullet Club has a knack for keeping up on what the pulse of the wrestling business is looking for.

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