Chavo Guerrero Sr Passes Away

Chavo Guerrero Sr

Last week the world of pro wrestling was hit the loss of Chavo Guerrero Sr. The son of wrestling legend Gory Guerrero, Chavo was the oldest of the famed Guerrero brothers. He, Mando, Hector and Eddie all left a huge mark on the wrestling business. Chavo is also the father of Chavo Guerrero Jr. Current WWE fans maybe with his run a “Chavo Classic” when came back to manage his son on the SmackDown brand back in 2004, where he also had a run as the Cruiserweight Champion. Guerrero holds the record as the oldest Cruiserweight Champion ever.

Guerrero Family

Guerrero began his career in Japan during the 1970s. Competing in the light-heavyweight division he was a pioneer what now is seen as the cruiserweight division. Chavo Sr started making a name for himself when he came to the NWA Hollywood promotion. There he made a name for himself feuding with Rowdy Roddy Piper for the NWA Americas Heavyweight title. Guerrero dominated the title from October of 1975 until 1980 by holding the 15 times over that time period.

Chavo Sr and Jr

Chavo would travel like many stars of his day wrestling in the UWF and AWA. In the AWA, he tagged with brothers Hector and Mando on different occasions chasing the AWA tag team titles. As the 1990s approached Guerrero slowed down and was for the most part semi-retired.

In 2004 the world was introduced into “Chavo Classic” as he was named by his son Chavo Jr while the elder Guerrero managed his son on SmackDown. Chavo Sr was brought in while Jr had a feud with Guerrero’s younger brother Eddie. While in the WWE Chavo Sr had a run with the Cruiserweight Title after pinning Spike Dudley in a triple threat match. After leaving WWE television Chavo was only seen a few times such as the 2010 RAW where he drove Alberto Del Rio into the arena or his 2016 appearance in Lucha Underground. Chavo Guerrero was a great performer and will be missed.

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