Monday Night War – WCW Jan. 22nd, 1996

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This week Nitro hits us live from Las Vegas, NV at Caesars Palace, where WCW will also host Clash of the Champions the following night. The show kicks off with usual three-man team of Steve “Mongo” McMichael, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Eric Bischoff. As the team previews the upcoming show they are interrupted by Mexican Champion Konnan with a random promo for his title defense against Psychosis.

Nitro 22nd Konnan

The first match of the evening is the World Title match between Ric Flair and “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Randy is accompanied by a group of ladies that includes long time Flair Associate Woman (Nancy Benoit) and Hulk Hogan also comes down. They stop down for a brief talk with Mean Gene where Hogan request a title shot when Savage wins the belt.

Hogan and Savage Jan 22

Flair is accompanied to the ring by Jimmy Hart as a part of that weird Dungeon of Doom and Horseman alliance. The match goes back and forth with a little brawling outside. The announcers speculate how Savage’s injury may affect things. The match goes a little crazy when Jimmy Hart and Arn Anderson try to interfere. Arn accidentally takes down Flair. Hulk Hogan comes down breaks things up as for some strange reason the bell rings but Savage still goes to the top rope and drops the elbow on Flair. The Macho Man scores the pin to win the title.
Result: Randy Savage pin Ric Flair

Macho Man World Title

After the match Hogan and Savage have a conversation because Randy feels that the Hulk is celebrating a little too hard after his title win. Macho and Hogan discuss their potential match against each other and what they have ahead of them the following evening. It is announced that in their tag match again Flair and The Giant that Miss Elizabeth will return to be in their corner along with All-Pro linebacker Kevin Greeene.

The next match up features Horseman Brian Pillman taking on Dean Malenko. During the match the commentators discuss the return of the Road Warriors to WCW. Dean has control of most of the match and getting a few near falls on Pillman. The match ends with Brian getting a pin fall with Malenko in the ropes and the ref clearly seeing it but still counting to 3.
Result: Pilliman pins Malenko

Next up Sting and Lex Luger challenge Harlem Heat for the World Tag Team titles. Sting and Luger have run into some issues over the past few weeks and its hard trust Luger’s loyalty. Harlem Heat comes to the ring without Sister Sherry who is getting ready for her wedding on the following night at the Clash.

Harlem Heat vs Sting and Luger

Luger starts off the match but he ends up tagging in Sting who works most of the bout. During which time Sting has a rough time and falls victim to quite a few double teams by Harlem Heat. Booker T nails Sting with a monster scissors kick while he had his brother Stevie Ray locked in the Scorpion Lock. Luger ends up distracting the ref a few times causing the commentators to speculate on his loyalty. Jimmy Hart then shows up and hands something to Lex. Luger finally tags in and hits Booker T with what looks like a roll of silver dollars and then gets the pin.
Result: Luger pins Booker T \ New Tag Team Champs

In the final match of the night Hulk Hogan takes on United States Champ One Man Gang. This was a non-title match. There is never any doubt in this match. Hogan hits Gang with a few punches and the Gang has a Akeem flashback. The match ends with the same three move Hulk breakdown of the big boot, body slam and then the leg drop.
Result: Hogan pins One Man Gang

Hogan vs One Man Gang

After the match the Dungeon of Doom showed up along with the Horsemen but were fought off by Hogan and Randy Savage. The Giant does not get in the ring even though he wants too. The Zodiac and the Dungeon hold him back and tell him wait for tomorrow night. Savage and Hogan will have their hands full at the Clash.

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