Monday Night War – WCW Jan 15th, 1996

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This week Nitro comes your way from Miami, FL as the show kicks off with Steve McMichael, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Eric Bischoff preps for an action-packed show that features Sting challenging Ric Flair for the world title. The Dungeon of Doom and Hulk Hogan are all scheduled to be a part of this episode of Monday Night Nitro.

The show starts off with a big-time matchup between Macho Man Randy Savage and The Total Package Lex Luger. This has been an ongoing feud since both Luger made his way back to WCW.

Savage vs Luger 2

During this match Jimmy Hart was absent from Lex Luger’s corner where he has been lately. The match goes back and forth as each man wants to prove he is the best and neither has too many problems breaking some rules here and there. Luger has beaten Savage in their last 3 encounters and is looking to make this a fourth.

Luger vs Savage

Savage appears to get the upper hand and has Luger laid out for the flying elbow. Randy goes for the elbow and misses and ends up in the torture rack.
Winner: Lex Luger by Submission

The comes back from the break in what was supposed to be a tag match but turns into a meeting of the minds. The Dungeon of Doom comes to the ring in force and picks up Mean Gene on the way as they are met by the Four Horsemen.

Horsemen and Dungeon of Doom

What was supposed to be a match turned out to be a meeting of the mutual respect society. They also appear to have a problem in common in Hulk Hogan. Now it’s not all peaches and cream as Kevin Sullivan has an issue with the hot shot Brian Pillman. Arn Anderson ends up slapping Pillman after an outburst during the meeting. The announcers talk up possible tension between the Horsemen.

The show then moves to a tag match as Public Enemy makes their WCW debut against The American Males. Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock end up with a successful debut and the fans seem to be familiar with them as there are ECW chants during the match.

Public Enemy vs American Males

After the match, Public Enemy brings a little ECW flair to Nitro by putting Riggs and Bagwell through tables.
Winner: Public Enemy def American Males

Next up Sting challenges the Nature Boy Ric Flair for the WCW World Title. Ric comes to the ring with Jimmy Hart by his side. The match runs like a typical Sting vs Flair outing as it goes back and forth and you feel like Sting is going to win it here.

StingvsFlair 2

Then the shenanigans happen. Jimmy Hart tries to get involved and Lex Luger shows up and somehow in trying to take the megaphone from Hart he ends up hitting Sting. With that Sting gets knocked out and Flair puts him in the figure four and the Stinger could not fight and is counted down for three with his shoulders down.
Winner:Ric Flair pins Sting

After the match Luger gets in the ring and half attacks Flair before Hogan and Savage come down and clear things out. Luger and Flair both flee with Jimmy Hart. Hogan and Macho both try to talk some sense into Sting and he insist that he needs to go talk to Luger himself. This angle would have survived in the internet era where fans would be killing WCW for making Sting look so stupid.

Sting Hogan and Savage

After Sting leaves the ring Hulk and Macho have a difference of opinion. Hogan believes that Savage should give up his title shot against Flair since he has a losing streak again Luger. Hulk’s rational is that he is on a roll and would be better suited to take the title. Savage of course disagrees as there appears to be tension amongst the friends.

The main event for the evening is Hulk Hogan versus Meng. Kevin Sullivan accompanies Meng to the ring. The match goes as a typical Hogan one does. Hogan gets beat up before he hulks up. Sullivan attempts to get involved but Savage is there to make the save while the Hulkster hits Meng with his own spike.
Winner: Hulk Hogan via pinfall over Meng

Check out WCW Nitro recap next week as we set up for Clash of The Champions and we continue to build towards Superbrawl in February.

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