Monday Night War – WWF Jan 8th, 1996


Welcome to Monday Night Raw!!

Vince McMahon and Jerry The King Lawler welcomes us into the show by letting us know that it will be starting off with Hakushi going one-on-one with Double J Jeff Jarrett, and we will also find out who the Million Dollar Champion is. Plus, we will see Goldust in action!

We are gearing up for the Royal Rumble as Double J is announced as a participant, and we see a clip of Jeff Jarrett attacking Ahmed Johnson from 3 weeks prior.
The Royal Rumble will be January 21st, live on Pay-Per-View!

Ahmed Johnson is looking on in the back as the first match gets underway, and Hakushi controls the majority of the match up, but Jeff Jarrett makes him tap out with the figure four leg lock.

Winner by Submission: Double J Jeff Jarrett

The King and McMahon send it to Jim Ross in the Slam Jam, and Jim Ross welcomes us to Slam Jam and mentions Scheme Gene (who?) as the special guest. J.R. announces that Royal Rumble is two weeks away and will be exclusively on Pay-Per-View. 30 men will enter the 1996 Royal Rumble, and the winner will be in the WWF Championship match at WrestleMania XII. He announces some of the superstars that will be in the rumble, including The King, Jake The Snake, Issac Yankem, Doug Gilbert, and Fatu. He also announces Vader, which leads into a promo video about the monstrous star. After announcing more superstars for the thirty-man rumble, he sends it to Scheme Gene, but he doesn’t have much to say (preparing for another rumor).

Ahmed Johnson

We go into the next match as Ahmed Johnson is making a powerful presence over Jeff Grettler. Vince McMahon and The King are on commentary discussing how King chickened out of a match against Ahmed. The match ends shortly as Ahmed Johnson ends the match with a power bomb.
Winner by pin: Ahmed Johnson

Post-match: Double J Jeff Jarrett comes into the ring and attempts to attack Ahmed Johnson from behind, but Ahmed catches him and smashes his guitar as Jarrett runs to the back.

Ted Dibiase is in the ring, and he announces to Brother Love that the Ringmaster is the new Million Dollar Champion. He places the Million Dollar Belt around the waist of the Ringmaster as McMahon and King sing praises about this new superstar, and the champion tells the world that he is going to prove to the world how good he is after he tosses every man over the top rope at the Royal Rumble and win the WWF Title shot at WrestleMania and the WWF title does not compare to being the Million Dollar Champion.

Steve Austin Ring Master

Referee Earl Hebner gives an explanation to why he didn’t stop the match between Bret Hart and the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith: “I knew he was bleeding awful, and I kept talking to him, and I kept asking him to say my name, and I’d hold up some fingers during the match and say ‘How many fingers am I holding up?’ so I knew he was conscious, and he did know what I was talking about.” Also, we are still waiting to see the footage for Shawn Michaels’ press conference regarding him and the Royal Rumble.

We come back to Goldust in the ring as we get ready for the third match of the evening, and Vince goes into how Goldust is ready for his opponent at the Royal Rumble, the reigning Intercontinental Champion the bad guy Razor Ramon.

Goldust 96

The third match of the evening begins, and Goldust starts it off by attacking Aldo Montoya from behind. The match is short and sweet as Goldust hits a devastating power slam.
Winner by pin: Goldust

We take it back to Slam Jam and Jim Ross as Jim takes us into the footage from Shawn Michaels’ press conference regarding the 1996 Royal Rumble, and he announces that he is throwing his name into the many names that are entering the Royal Rumble and that he will become the new World Wrestling Federation Champion and will be champion headed into the new millennium. We then head back to Jim Ross, and Scheme Gene tells us that Vader will also be in the Royal Rumble, but of course, that is nothing new.

We get reactions of some of the superstars about Shawn Michaels entering into the Royal Rumble, including The King, and we get mixed reactions from Diesel, Razor Ramon, and Owen Hart.

We are then taken back and shown the footage from the gruesome WWF Championship match from In Your House between the WWF Champion Bret The Hitman Hart and challenger The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. It is announced, during the match, that the Undertaker will face the winner of the match at the Royal Rumble. It is also seen that the British Bulldog bust open Bret Hart’s head when he ran him into the ring post outside the ring. Bret’s sister and Bulldog’s wife Diana is watching at ringside.
Winner of the match by pin and still the WWF Champion: Bret the Hitman Hart
We are taken the show back too Raw and into a promo from The Undertaker and Paul Bearer, who promises that he will take what is rightfully his, the WWF Championship.

We end the show announcing that Marty Jannetty will face Owen Hart and the Undertaker will face Issac Yankem plus the Ringmaster will be in action, all next week on Raw, and we go into a segment in Billionaire Ted’s “Wrasslin’” Room.

Goodnight Everybody!

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